See what Susan’s most recent clients have to say…

“I keep trying to put words around how transformational working with Susan has been for me. Diagnosed with depression after I had my baby at 26, I tried over and over again for years with various therapists using different methods, all caring dedicated practitioners. They helped band-aid the depression but I never really got beyond enduring. Yet finally at 76, working with Susan, I am changed. It’s like discovering that my car has a sunroof that was so covered with mud I didn’t realize it was there. Now light can finally come in. IFS for me has been so effective at reaching the young parts inside so they can finally be healed.  Susan has been so attuned, so compassionate, so patient, as I unfurl. She has helped me discover a liveliness I didn’t know was in me. It’s never too late!”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for over 6 months. She has been instrumental in my transformation to becoming Self led.  Her compassion, clarity and brilliant techniques of bringing calm, reason and experience has been God sent. Her knowledge in parenting and making space for all parts is something you can always count on.  She is dedicated, disciplined and a true teacher who leads by example.  She has worked on herself and holds the responsibility of being an IFS practitioner in the highest degree.  Susan is a wisdom teacher and I would recommend her expertise and brilliant knowledge in IFS to anyone interested in achieving peace and inner calm.”

Arousha Gilanpour, Toronto, Canada

“Susan’s wise and sensitive guidance has helped me bring gentle awareness and healing to difficult memories and emotions. Working with Susan through the IFS modality has been both empowering and transformative.”

Sarah Teng, Wellington, New Zealand

“For years I have been bound by shame and self hatred. I am so grateful to Susan’s gifting and loving guidance to bring me to a place of greater self awareness and self compassion which has led to emotional and spiritual transformation. Susan has helped me better understand my pain and triggers and find more effective ways to cope. I am closer to my true authentic self and have found a greater ability to access my God image and connect more closely in a real relationship with God.”